our history

Kepala Batas Bihun Sdn Bhd was founded in year 2004 and located in Penang, Malaysia.  After encountering several changes in the Management level, this company is now managing by a group of professionals who with 30 years of experience in the rice vermicelli making industry.
Our company started from a small family business which carrying and promoting the “BIHO” brand name, with its rapid growth over the years, this company has become a famous rice vermicelli maker in Malaysia.

At Kepala Batas Bihun Sdn. Bhd, we insist to put on consistent efforts in all aspects of manufacturing so that our product quality can be evaluated to the most excellent level and therefore supplying high quality as well as flawless products to consumers.
Also, we adhere stringently to the principle of “Customer First”; we always make sure adequate stock levels at all time and practicing timely delivery to meet our customers’ needs.
Nowadays, the concept of “Healthy Food” has become a trend in the food industry.  We hence have an obligation to take good care for the health and safety of our customers; meanwhile, it is our responsibilities to ensure all consumers enjoy a healthy and delicious meal too.  In achieving this goal, we carried out continuous research, development and improvement in the health oriented products in a number of ways: we use the best raw materials and natural health ingredients to manufacture our products, we utilize modern technology such as the special automated machineries in our manufacturing processes.
Most importantly; we implement stringent quality practices in manufacturing a wide variety of healthy and tasty “BIHO” brand products such as Rice Vermicelli, Vietnamese (Traditional) Vermicelli, Siamese Rice Vermicelli,  Kong Moon Style Vermicelli,  Fish Head Vermicelli, Rice Flour, Rice Noodle (Laksa), Penang Laksa, Siamese Laksa, Instant Noodle,non-fried instant noodle and many more!

The rice vermicelli making processes are very complicated.  The raw material selection stage, the rice soaking and grinding process, and the rice stick steaming and drying jobs are all very particular in terms of techniques.
Nonetheless, these complications do not pose any threats to us; our professional management team and skilful operators never cease to move forward, they employed both state-of-the-art technology and laboratory equipment to ensure all “BIHO” products are hygienic and in excellent quality.
As a result, all of our products have been certified and awarded with:
1.    HALAL (HALAL Food Certification)
2.    MeSTI (“Safety Food Industry Responsibility”)
3.    HACCP (Food Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Certification)